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Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is the time of year when people sometimes drop by unexpectedly. Or if not totally unexpectedly, at least last-minutedly. Everybody is out and about and if you are on their route and there is something that needs attending at your location, you should probably expect the unexpected visitor, or a late call to the effect that "I'm on my way."

As you know, I live alone, and I spend most of my time in that happy state of being. Since most of the year is not this time of year, I've slumped into the bad habit of not being prepared for visitors of any kind, much less the unexpected or last-minute kind. Dust accumulates. Clutter abounds. I don't see it because I live with it. I don't see it, that is, until other eyes see it, or are just about to see it. Then oh boy howdy do I ever see it.

That doesn't mean I care much. I guess it depends on who the unexpected or last-minute visitor is, but for the most part I don't feel I have to impress anyone who (a) just shows up, or (2) knows me well enough to know how I feel about dusting and other obsessions of the white glove set. I'm not saying there aren't people for whom I'd dust, but I don't expect any of those people to show up here, even unexpectedly.

If you live alone, as I do, and never entertain, as I don't, you probably buy just enough groceries to get through the week by yourself, with no extras. If you come by, I won't have coffee made and I won't have the candy dish out on the coffee table, because I have neither such a dish nor such a table. Nor candy, for that matter. If you're okay with a glass of water (or less), then come on by.

Today I had two visitors. That's what brings all this up. One was work-related, and the other was family-related (or "related-related," you might say (but probably never would)). The work-related one is what started me along this line of thinking, because it never happens, and it's part of the reason this has been a difficult week. This visit should put an end to some of the trauma and turmoil.

By the time my visitors got here, I knew they were coming, but I didn't dust, and they didn't judge. They didn't stay long, either, but I don't think my housekeeping or lack of candy had anything to do with that. As I said, this is the busy season, and most people have more than one stop to make on any given outing.

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