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Friday, December 24, 2010

With the family growing as it is, it's too much to try to fit Christmas into one day. Tomorrow, the actual day, is for the children. Aiden and Kylie will wake up to a wonderland of goodies. The rest of the family will see them in the afternoon and we will share the joy. But those of us who will not be there for Christmas morning got together tonight to celebrate with each other.

Kat and Eric entertained us with dinner and laughter. Alexander will be here in about two weeks (but the big money is on the "under"). He will just have missed his first Christmas in person, but he was definitely with us tonight. Can you imagine how great next Christmas will be, with one more bright-eyed little face glowing in the colorful lights? It seems almost too good to be real.

Tomorrow will be great, but tonight was pretty special. Tomorrow will be raucous and rowdy. Tonight was warm and friendly. I think there's plenty of room in the endless holiday season for both, and I'm grateful to be included in it all.

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