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Monday, December 21, 2009

Since I can’t force myself into a better frame of mind, I’ve found ways to facilitate the transition. I can’t do it with intent, though. It has to be an accidental by-product of something totally unplanned. I have to fool myself sometimes, but that isn’t very hard, so it often works.

Today I tried to get into the Christmas spirit, but it wasn’t taking. I put on Holly, the satellite radio station that plays seasonal music, but I didn’t last very long. I didn’t mind the music, but it wasn’t making me feel anything. So I switched to The Loft, my ordinary everyday singer-songwriter station, and after an hour of listening (while working on payroll, ugh), I began to feel a lot like Christmas. Or if not quite that, at least better in general.

The station plays a mix of old (as old as Chuck Berry and early Dylan, anyway) and new (people you might have heard of but whose names I forget until I hear their song again). When I’m driving, I try to remember the names of these unfamiliar artists and their unfamiliar but comforting songs long enough to look them up when I get home. When I’m home, I go straight to Google or YouTube. It might not be the best way to stay productive, but it’s the best way to get me in the holiday spirit. And that always has a trickle-down effect.

19 December 2009

And then tonight The Loft began playing its own holiday set, featuring the Be Good Tanyas doing “Rudy,” a song about Rudolph the red-nosed wino, and “Christmas in Paradise” by Mary Gauthier (“Davey stole a Christmas tree from Kmart last night”), along with old favorites like Bing Crosby singing “Toyland” and James Brown doing “Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year.” So yeah. Starting to get the feeling again.

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