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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I deliberately left all my wrapping until I thought I was through shopping. Then last night when I was ready to wrap, I arranged everything in little piles and went to work. I started with the bigger items I got for the kids, but I started way too late in the evening to get finished. I didnít know it at the time, but I thought it would be a whole lot easier.

What I learned from all this is that my body isnít in very good shape. It isnít as if I didnít already know that, but I havenít really pushed myself to do anything quite as physically demanding as wrapping Christmas presents in a long time. (At least a year, in the case of Christmas presents.) And while I realized that wrapping doesnít fall very high on the exertion scale, there was a lot of getting up and down, and there was reaching and stretching and lifting and carrying. So itís not exactly a passive act (although itís not exactly running a marathon, either).

By the time I went to bed last night, my back was killing me and I was gasping for air. And only the kidsí presents were wrapped. Thatís most of what I had to wrap, so there wasnít so much left for tonight that I was afraid to get started. But I wouldnít have wanted to try to do as much as I did last night for the second night in a row. Iím ready to admit that my body needs some help getting back into shape. I donít know that Iím ready to go through with doing something about it, but I suppose that would be the next step.

21 December 2005

What all the fuss was about.

What better day to get started on a new fitness routine than the Solstice? I have a lot of favorite days, but the best thing about the Winter Solstice isnít that itís the shortest day of the year. Thatís the worst thing. The best day is that from now on, the days start getting longer again. Before we know it, it wonít be night all the time any more. Itís the awakening dawn of a new beginning!

But I didnít start a new routine today, of course. New Yearís Day would be another good day to start. Iím a big fan of the Gregorian calendar (much better than the Julian). Or my birthday, which is only three and a half months away. Some time before next summer would be good. Definitely before next winter, when I might have to wrap another pile of presents. Iíd hate to have to go through that again in such bad shape as I am now.

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I wonder what kind of reaction Steve Finley, the Giantsí new fourth outfielder, will get from the fans at SBC Park next season. Throughout his career (and itís a long one; heís 40 years old), Finley has been known as a Giant-killer. Heís always saved his best plays and best games, it seems, for chances to defeat the Giants, and since heís played for three of the other teams in the Giantsí division, heís had a lot of opportunities. Before last season the Giants tried to sign him as a free agent. Word is that he agreed to a contract, then snubbed San Francisco to sign with the Angels. Today the Angels, disappointed in his performance, traded him to the Giants for another underachiever on the decline, Edgardo Alfonzo. I wonder how the Giantsí fans will greet Finley. It will depend, I suppose, on how well he plays. Thatís often (though not always) the bottom line when it comes to fan loyalty.

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