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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is here. I know because I watched football games from New England and Seattle today, and the announcers in Kansas City kept referring to the wind chill factor. Here in the North Bay it was just colder than normal, and drizzly and gray and bleak, but at least I didnít have to go out in it. I just watched winterís arrival through the window, the rain dripping off the eaves and the branches whipping in the wind.

My heating bill arrived yesterday, and it was almost twice as much as the month before. It could easily double again this month, the way things are going. These last two weeks in December are usually the coldest we have around here, but I remember a year when we had the warmest temperatures in the country in late December. One day of real sunshine would be nice, before we get to the serious rainy season, which I expect to start any day now. Then youíll hear some complaining, oh yes.

As for me, Iíve spent the last two days indoors, wrapping. Even though I cut way back on Christmas buying this year, I still had to get down on the floor and wrap a bunch of packages. And then, somehow, I had to get back up off the floor. My legs feel as if Iíve run a marathon (and believe me, I havenít), but the wrapping is done.

But where are those elves when a fellow could really use a hand? If you were to sift through the packages under my tree (not that thatís going to happen), you could easily tell which were the ones I wrapped last. Those are the ones with the extra crinkles in the paper. Theyíre also the ones with the most tape. I tend to lose focus at about the same rate I lose feeling in my legs.

21 December 2008

Wrapped and ready.

I donít know what the weather was like in Detroit, St. Louis or Minnesota, because those teams play indoors. It might have been cold in Cleveland and Denver, but the sun was shining. (See how broadening football fanaticism can be?) Here, I look at the five-day forecast and see rain straight through Christmas Day, and then sunshine on Friday. If only I could stay home again tomorrow, but Monday is Monday, even during a shortened work week. Maybe even especially during a short week.

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