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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thereís a weird thing about trying to get a workdayís worth of work done on a Saturday. I can go into it with all good intentions and then lose focus. My mind wasnít quite into it today, but I kept slapping my own face (figuratively) and kicking myself in the rear (ditto) to keep moving. I poured down enough coffee (literally) to keep me from dozing off. Until some time in the middle of tomorrow afternoon, probably.

The trouble with the caffeine solution is that it makes me want to move faster than my mind is capable of working. Itís like a truck with no brakes careering down a steep grade. At some point you have to look for a soft place to land, even if youíre maybe just a little tempted to ride it out and see where it takes you. Momentum is a great thing for getting where you need to go, as long as you still have your hands on the wheel.

What I ended up doing today was work until I realized I was beyond the point of diminishing returns. As soon as Iím working in a way that will create more work for myself, I know itís time to give it up. Besides, at some point it occurred to me that I still have tomorrow, and, as far as that goes, Monday. Itís not as if the world will stop and punch me in the eye if I donít do it all today. (Of course, thinking that way is also an easy way to lapse back into slackerdom.)

13 December 2008

A break in the clouds.

This flurry of activity as the year draws to an end is made all the more difficult because of cash flow problems created by some decisions the Boss made at the end of November. If you pay some bills ahead of time, and then end up with not enough money to pay other bills later, you might be in trouble. Youíre definitely making life more difficult for the guy who writes the checks (thatís me). And so, even if youíre visiting your ex-girlfriendís daughter in Texas (I know; I donít get it, either), youíd better check in before itís too late. The company is in no danger of going under, but I think I am.

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