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Thursday, December 27, 2007

You might not even realize how important communication is in business until it breaks down, and suddenly nothing gets done. Itís a little like electricity in that way, or a working toilet. You donít know what youíve got till itís gone, and today was a particularly frustrating day in that regard. And I think we can all guess the reason. (Well, the reason is the communication breakdown, and the reason for the breakdown is just what you think it is.)

The Boss was supposed to be back from his holiday walkabout today. I havenít even talked to him in a week, but the last time I did I assured him that if we could talk on Thursday, we could get everything straightened out for the end of the year. Today is Thursday, and we still havenít talked.

I canít even leave him a message, at least not one that I think heíll get. He has his office phone rolled over to his cell phone, and his cell phone on voice mail. And he doesnít know how to access his voice mail. I did leave him a message, but with very little hope that heíll ever hear it. Hopefully heís with somebody smarter than he is about those things.

So Iíve been writing him notes and faxing them to his office. Heíll get them when he surfaces, and heíll either call me or itíll already be too late. Iíve decided not to care any more. The last note said that since I couldnít reach him and time was up, Iíd made some decisions. I told him what Iíd decided to do, and I said that if I didnít hear from him by noon Friday, I was going to go ahead with my plan.

After all these years together, I think I know him well enough to have the strong feeling that what I decided is what he would decide, if he had all the facts and reports that Iíve been flooding his fax with. I canít be a hundred percent sure, of course, and some big money is involved, so being wrong would not be good. But doing nothing would be even worse.

25 December 2007

Christmas: David and Dakota.

Julie phoned today for the first time in several months. We had a nice, long talk, and she was totally sympathetic to my plight, because hers had been much worse. She had both a business and a personal relationship with the Boss, and he ended up not treating her very well on either level. But sheís doing fine now. Sheís even writing a novel, what she proudly calls a bodice-ripper. She also has friends who treat her well and a place to live with her chickens, who hardly ever try to run her life for her. I could almost envy that life.

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