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Monday, December 17, 2007

It makes sense that if thereís a day when everything happens at once, it would be a Monday. As I was stressing through the day, thinking about audits and shopping and plumbing and such, it occurred to me that next week will only be three days long. Thatís assuming I donít work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Iím pretty sure about Day, but I donít think I can get away with Eve. Not the whole Eve day, anyway.

By the time I got through with the payroll tonight a little before ten oíclock, the morning seemed like a sweet, distant memory. It wasnít that sweet, though. I had a bad night, and I donít know if it was because of worry about the various obstacles I face getting through the week, or just another bad night. But a bad night means a bad morning. At the time I thought that would be the hardest part of my day. Ha.

It started innocently enough. The Boss suggested that we deal with the employeesí year-end bonuses today. I was all for that, because Iím an employee and Iím getting one. At first he told me to give everyone five percent more than they got last year, but I saw that some people got $200 last year, and $210 seemed kind of cheap. So I lobbied for something more, and we settled on $225, and appropriate increases for some of the others, too. I didnít say anything about my own bonus, so I guess Iíll be satisfied with five percent. Itís better than nothing (because itís more than nothing).

But that meant that I had to do an entire extra payroll run, on top of the regular payroll. Yeah, I talked myself into doing twice as much work, and itís probably the most tedious work I do in any given week. I spent my whole afternoon and most of the night doing something that doesnít hold my interest and makes me feel like Iím doing the most menial work imaginable (and yet still somehow deserving of a bonus). It might have been easier to work that late doing something interesting and/or meaningful, but that wasnít an option. I have to get the payroll out tomorrow, before the auditor gets here, so I had to get it done. And I did.

16 December 2007

Gray December day.

But oh, was it painful. I didnít take the kind of breaks Iíd take on a normal day, to preserve my back, and I can really feel it tonight. I skipped two or three meals and didnít eat anything until about nine tonight, when I heated a spicy bean burrito and ate it on the fly. I worked hard enough that I shouldnít have the same trouble getting to sleep tonight, but it doesnít always work out that way when you eat a spicy bean burrito at nine. Iím just glad I told the auditor not to show up before 1:00 pm, because Iím pretty sure Iíll be ready by then. Iíve left some house cleaning to do tomorrow before he gets here, but Iím not going to overdo it. I donít think I could.

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