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Sunday, December 16, 2007

How was your Sunday? I spent mine cleaning the bathroom, so that I can call the landlord in to look at my toilet and tub. I donít want him looking at that and seeing only the grime and gunk and soap residue and such, so I worked away on my day off getting rid of it all. The porcelain doesnít exactly shine now, but itís not so obvious that I hardly ever clean it, either. And I think thatís what will count.

Actually, the landlord has never criticized my housekeeping or my lackadaisical landscaping or anything else about how I keep his property looking a little less than pristine. Iíve actually apologized to him for things such as cobwebs and dust bunnies, and heís said, ďThatís okay,Ē or ďDonít worry about it,Ē every time. So I donít apologize any more, but I do still worry a bit. Hence the manic cleaning spree this afternoon while the Cowboys were busy losing to the Eagles.

By the way, on a side note, ďactuallyĒ is Aidenís favorite word these days (or it was the last time I saw him). You ask him a question, and his answer will begin with ďactually.Ē Or heíll give you an answer, and then say ďactually,Ē and give you a different answer, proving he actually knows what the word means. But I digress. (And arenít you glad?)

Anyway, to get back on point (such as it is), I can still make the toilet work, but (as the Roloffs would say) just in a different way. I have to use bathroom tools and buckets of water, most of the time. Every once in awhile Iíll get the false sense that it has righted itself, because it will flush in a more or less normal way. These incidents are like dream sequences in a soap opera, though — illusory and ultimately disappointing.

I donít actually plan to call the landlord until later in the week, unless the situation gets worse. I just have too much going on, including the audit Tuesday (remember that?) and Momís birthday Wednesday, and some last-minute shopping (thanks, Amazon, for the late ship date). Besides, although I canít smell anything untoward, I wouldnít be surprised if someone whose nose works better than mind could be slightly offended and might want to leave the house more quickly than they would otherwise. Iím thinking about the auditor here.

16 December 2007

Down the lane.

I had one more ant today. One. In the bathroom, wandering about, nowhere near any obvious entry points. So I squirted him with some 409, because thatís what I had in my hand at the time. It actually smells about the same as the ďunscentedĒ Raid that I used yesterday.

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