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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sometimes itís hard to figure out what people are going to notice when they come in my house. Iíve pretty much stopped caring, but Iím glad that at the last minute before the auditor showed up this afternoon, I remembered to hide the stacks of plastic grocery bags in the corner of the living room. Theyíre waiting to go back to the supermarket for recycling, or whatever they do with them that eases our consciences for using them in the first place. But itís tacky to have them out where any stranger can ogle them.

Earlier Iíd spent most of the morning, at least the part of it when I was conscious, clearing off the table that I use as a desk. As you might imagine, it was pretty cluttered, mostly with stacks of papers, both work-related and personal. All I did was take the stacks and relocate them to my bed, keeping them in the same place relative to each other so that I could have my clutter back in order as soon as the audit was over. Then I wiped the dust and debris off the table and set out the two big binders of records for him to peruse. My hope was that everything so well organized that he would be in and out in twenty minutes or so.

It had rained hard all night, and my driveway was half underwater by the time I got up this morning. I didnít make any concessions for the auditor except that I turned my garden bench upside down and used it to cover the deepest puddle on the walkway to my front door. That was as much for my own sake as anyone elseís, and by the time he got here, the sun had come out and the driveway was starting to dry up anyway.

For all my fretting (and I do tend to over-fret), this auditor is the nicest guy in the world, and he always praises my record keeping. He did find a slight error, but it was, he told me, .002% of the total and therefore not considered statistically significant. I told him Iíd try to track down the discrepancy and let him know if I succeeded. Thatís not something I really have time for this week, though.

16 December 2007

The "garden" in winter.

He was here for over two hours, not the twenty minutes Iíd hoped. I had planned to get a lot of work done after he left, but I was so emotionally drained, even though it went so well, that I had as hard a time focusing afterward as Iíd had all morning beforehand. I was also going to do my grocery shopping and make a run to the bank after he left, but by then it was well past 3:00 pm, and with school just out I didnít want to brave the traffic at that time of day, especially a week before Christmas. So, as Iíve been doing for days and days, I put it off again. And if it rains tomorrow, Iíll probably find that a good enough excuse to put it off for one more day.

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