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Monday, December 3, 2007

This being Monday and all, it was my first time to try to work a full day with the new computer. It wasnít a typical Monday, in that I worked a little bit Saturday and a little more Sunday, just to keep ahead of the flood that comes at the beginning of the month. It wasnít typical also because Iím still working in twenty-minute segments, so that my neck doesnít tighten up again. No use buying into that kind of trouble.

For the most part it was a successful Monday, as Mondays go. The programs I imported from the old machine are working well. In fact, the hardest thing to get used to so far has been the new keyboard, which is sleek and smooth and streamlined. It might even be a little too streamlined, because it doesnít have those gaps between the different sets of keys that make it easier to find Enter and Escape and the others that I use most often.

Even stranger is that some of the keys are in slightly different positions than they are on the keyboards Iím used to. I donít know how many times today, during my twenty-minute data entry sessions, I was reaching for the End key and ended up hitting Page Down. Then Iíd look up at the monitor and find myself in a part of the worksheet that I didnít recognize. I depend on being able to work with my eyes on other things besides the screen, but by the end of the day I started getting used to it.

For some reason the Delete button on this computer is huge, even bigger than the Enter key. And itís another one that I sometimes hit when Iím trying to reach the End key, so I end up having to undo a delete every now and then. The Big Delete is also right next to the not-big-enough Enter, and Iíve made that annoying mistake more than once. These are all quirks and idiosyncrasies that Iím gradually getting used to, and the cool look of the keyboard makes up for any hardship, I guess. Anyway, I might as well tell myself that, because Iím not getting anything else new for a long, long time.

3 December 2007


My neck felt a lot better today, and I made sure it stayed that way by not overdoing. I woke up with a sore spot on my upper back. It didnít get much better as the day went on, but it didnít get any worse, so I have hope that itís nothing that time wonít heal. Iíve stopped taking painkilling drugs, at least for now. I wonít hesitate to get back on them if I need them, though. There might be good reasons I canít work, but if I can do something about it, itís not a good reason.

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