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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Life is rife with weird ironies, isnít it? This new computer, which is supposed to make my life easier (well, thatís the theory), has so far given me more pain than pleasure. The pleasure is sort of ethereal, but the pain is physical, and real. My neck is so stiff that I can hardly move my head, and itís all because of the long hours Iíve spent bent over the keyboard getting the new machine ready to be of service.

Oddly (and ironically, I think), thatís not even the biggest irony. The thing is, working on the computer is a whole lot less stressful than playing on it. When I work, Iím up and down and back and forth between the computer and the desk. Itís harder on the legs, but easier on the back and neck, because there arenít any of those long, hunched-over periods.

When I play on the computer, I get lost inside my head and lose track of everything else. I love it, but it brings pain. Iíve had to be more disciplined than usual, which is maybe why you might not have heard from me as much as you would if I were thriving. Iíll be thriving again soon, Iím sure.

And get this irony. When I was trying to nurse the old computer through its dying days, I could only work for 45 minutes at a time before Iíd start worrying about overheating (the computer, not me). Today, Iíve been setting the kitchen timer at 20 minutes, to keep myself from sitting too long, and to try to preserve my aching neck. So I guess itís a good thing the new machine is so much faster, and maybe itís good I learned to work more efficiently during the last days with the old one.

22 November 2007

More Thanksgiving: Aiden and Kylie hop on Grandpa.

Drugs help, too, by the way. But maybe you already knew that. (Still, Iíll be happy and relieved when I donít have to take them any more.)

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