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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It wasnít exactly a fresh breath of springtime or the golden glow of summer, but today brought us a respite from the constant pounding of wind and rain that was supposed to last until next week. All of a sudden we were bathed in the rays of the winter sun. Not a lot of rays, and highly filtered, but Iím not about to complain about it.

The weather guessers who had been threatening Russian River floods started pushing back the time line today. Then they took it out of the picture altogether. Then the put it back in, for Friday night. Apparently another storm, bigger than the one we just survived, is moving in tomorrow and will stay until Saturday. I suppose that means Iíd better plan to do anything that needs doing tomorrow morning, before I become an island again.

When I went out to the post office this morning, the rain had just stopped. Maybe I should have given it a little more time, because the road was still flooded in spots. The ditches alongside were full to the top everywhere, and over the top on the blind curve half a mile up the way. The sign says to slow down at that curve, and today for once I did.

28 December 2005

Just before sunset.

I donít have to tell you how much I needed this, however long it lasts. This was a good day for it, too. Tomorrow the Boss gets back from Texas, and I expect to be pounded with catch-up work that, due to his absence, suddenly becomes a crisis. I already have my own list of chores that have to be done before the end of the year (and a few more that have to be done right after). So a day like this is important, especially after seeing the extended forecast showing nothing but rain. Now I know they can be wrong, and it wonít be dark and cold and wet all winter after all. I really needed to be reminded.

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What I listened to on Rhapsody (while I was working, of course) today: Clint Black, Drinkiní Songs & Other Logic (a mix of poignant ballads and honky-tonk swingers, like every other Clint Black album)... Living Things, Ahead of the Lions (straight-up rock with a political bent)... The Joggers, With a Cape and a Cane (a sort of magical mystery tour where every cut seems to have three different songs going on simultaneously).

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