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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If thereís a certain sameness to these late December days around here, itís probably a necessary monotony. If itís reflected in these entries, well, thatís my life right now, and I donít have a lot of leeway to fix it. Iím working longer hours than usual, with no end in sight. In a way, thatís good. Itís better to be too busy than to have nothing to do at all.

Thereís no relief just because the holiday rush is over, thatís for sure. In fact, as always, it starts to get more intense now. January has always been my busiest month, and now with two companies to account for instead of just one, I think Iíll be earning that modest bonus I thanked the Boss for today.

The hardest part is just trying to keep it together. I mean, I could easily lose my composure when little things go wrong. Thatís my pattern, but with a little extra effort I can overcome it. I do it because I have to. Things need to get done, and thereís no one else to do them.

Should I be complaining? Of course not. Does knowing that stop me? Of course not. I even got to the bank and the grocery store today, in the midst of all the commotion. And the extra cash allowed me to get more or less caught up on my personal bills for the first time in a while. Both my car insurance and car license bills are always due in early January, but for once Iím not sweating those out. Thatís worth a lot, even the extra hours at the grindstone.

23 December 2004

Clouds spreading over the fields, a few days before the storm.

As always when a major disaster strikes, the numbers, as horrific as they are, donít have the same kind of personal impact as the stories of individuals, both those who have been lost in the tragedy and those who have survived it. The tsunami in south Asia has devastated families, villages, cities and entire nations, and I sit in my warm, dry house watching it all. I donít think Iíve watched as much news at one time in about three years.

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In spite of the awe I feel for the destruction overseas, I feel justified (a bit, somewhat, in a way) for complaining (mildly) about the storm weíve had here. Thatís because todayís paper informs me that the overnight rain in Santa Rosa Sunday night set a record for that date. So there. Plus, the weather guessers tell us the rain will continue through the weekend, which isnít even halfway here yet. I donít think youíve heard the last of my weather complaints, in spite of everything.

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