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Monday, December 12, 2005

Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after. Thatís my philosophy and Iím sticking with it. It has served me well, because today, the last day I could possibly have put it off until, I finished working on the material the auditor wants to look at tomorrow. Iím ready for him, and now all there is to do is get him in and out of here so I can get on with the rest of my life. Which Iíll try to do tomorrow, or the day after.

This morning I woke up thinking I would have to get everything done today. Thatís not the way I like to feel in the morning, but I overcame it. I had every intention of going to the bank and doing some grocery shopping, but you know how that goes. It was all foggy and dreary and I didnít think much of the idea of mingling with tellers and checkers and shoppers. So the new plan is to do the banking and grocery shopping tomorrow morning. That should work out okay, since the auditor isnít due until one oíclock in the afternoon.

As for all that cleaning I was planning to do, well, I cut it down to a minimum level of tolerance. I cleared off the table where the auditor will set up his laptop. I did it mostly by shredding all the pending credit card applications that expired in 2003. What kind of a person keeps things like that around for so long? I dusted on and around the table, and a few shelves within eyeshot of where heíll be sitting. I ran the vacuum around the immediate vicinity.

What I didnít do was: I didnít straighten out all the loose papers strewn all through the rest of the house. I didnít try to hide the piles of CDs, DVDs, magazines (including some from 2003, I think), file folders, and ads from the Sunday newspaper (three weeks ago). I didnít clean the bathroom (and here Iím taking it on faith that he wonít go in there, because no other auditor has ever asked to use my bathroom, even after Iíve spent a whole day scrubbing it down).

2 December 2005

Clouds moving in.

And now, Iím ready for my audit (Mr. DeMille). Iím not necessarily ready for any curve balls he throws at me, or any attitude. The letter he sent, warning me of the impending audit, was full of attitude (which he called a ďfriendly reminderĒ that if I had all my records in order, I could avoid having to go into his office and do the audit on less friendly (but probably cleaner) turf). This isnít the same auditor I had last year, so Iím being cautious. But Iím done with getting ready, no matter what possibilities occur to me in the middle of the night.

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The Giants made a significant move toward improving themselves in a much improved division today when they signed pitcher Matt Morris for the next three years. The Cardinals could have kept him, but they only wanted him for two years. Here he will be reunited with everybodyís favorite catcher, Mike Matheny, and heíll be playing in one of the most pitcher-friendly ballparks in the majors. The consistency heís shown in never having had a losing season should continue, especially if the team gets that big left-handed bat they also promised us. Got to keep up with the Dodgers (and Padres and Diamondbacks), you know. Oh yeah, the Rockies, too (ha ha).

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