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Sunday, December 12, 2004

It was almost 11:30 pm when I pulled into my driveway tonight, after watching the Survivor finale with the family. Itís a good thing I didnít do what I usually do, and accelerate around the bend in the drive. The creature huddled in the middle of the drive directly in front of me began moving away, slowly at first and then a little faster.

Whatever it was, I didnít want to run over it. It looked a little like a cat and moved exactly like a cat, but the coloring gave it away. Black and white. I was following a skunk down my driveway. And giving it plenty of personal space.

You can believe when I tell you that I moved very slowly. If the skunk was in no particular hurry, then neither was I. The skunk obviously had the upper hand, and I wasnít sure what I was going to do when it ran directly at the garage door and stopped right in front of it. What I didnít do was activate the electronic door opener. A skunk inside the garage wasnít what I needed.

I waited a few seconds, and then the skunk made a right turn and moved, at its own pace, into the field between the garage and the road. I waited a few more seconds to be sure it wasnít coming back before opening the door and driving inside. I checked the area again when I got out of the car, to be sure there was no sign the animal was close by.

And I was grateful that it had made a right turn instead of a left turn into my yard and garden. Iím very happy to have it headed into parts unknown, and may it have a safe and pleasant (and long) journey.

10 December 2004

Cloud puffs.

The family gathered around the TV set and cheered and jeered and laughed together tonight. Aiden was in good spirits most of the time, and even when he fusses it doesnít take much to jolly him back up. If he has something to suck on and somebody whoíll talk to him, heís usually pretty happy. With all those adults around, he sure didnít lack for attention.

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And since I know this wonít be posted until several days from now and therefore canít be much of a spoiler, Iíd like to say, Whee! Iíve been a Chris fan since the merge, and I think heís one of the most entertaining players that Survivor has had. And one more thing: Who cares if Twila swore on her son and then went back on her word? Thatís part of the game. What I didnít like about Twila was the way she and Scout treated Eliza. Thatís another reason Iím glad Chris won. He might have lied as much as anybody, but aside from that he treated everyone well and made them feel comfortable. He didnít hurt anyoneís feelings until he stabbed them in the back. One after the other. (But they all forgave him! Almost instantly!)

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