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Friday, December 10, 2004

Iím not unhappy to say goodbye to this miserable week, although itís ending a whole lot better than it started. I didnít even take any medication today, so you know Iíve got to be feeling better. Iím still a little weak, though. Itís been hard to keep my eyes open at times throughout the day.

Now if my phone can get fixed tomorrow as scheduled, Iíll be happy. Happier, anyway. Or at least closer to happy. Happy as itís possible for me to be, given all the parameters and circumstances.

The phone was working most of the morning, and I was tempted to call off the repair person. Iím glad I didnít, because the bad static was back this afternoon. Just like yesterday, some of the time I could tell who was calling. I had a couple of calls where I couldnít hear anything on the other end and had to hand up, hoping I hadnít offended anyone. I wouldnít even know whom to apologize to, so thereís no use dwelling on it. And yet, dwelling is what I do.

10 December 2004

Southeastern clouds.

Today was kind of a flattening of the upward curve. Yesterday was by far my best day of the week. Today wasnít any better, but at least it wasnít any worse. Itís a good thing, too, because Iím still days away from being caught up with where I need to be.

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Oh man, this is great. ESPN Classic has been running the great races of Dale Earnhardt from the 1980s and 1990s all day yesterday and today. At the time he was racing, I only knew who he was, not what he meant to racing. Iím getting a better feel for some of NASCARís history by watching these old races. Iím also getting a better appreciation of some of the current drivers, like Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin. And there was a great co-interview from 1999 with Dale and Dale Jr. (who was then still known as ďLittle EĒ). I think this has helped the healing process. (Not really, but itís a good reason to spend all that time watching ancient history unfold.)

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