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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Since I was feeling a little better this morning (or thought I was, anyway), I wanted to ease back into my routine. I also wanted to stock up on chicken soup and other comfort foods, so my plan was to go to the supermarket after my usual daily trip to the post office.

But oh! The post office! What a place not to be less than three weeks before Christmas. The cars coming in and out of the postage stamp-sized parking lot had the entire intersection blocked. I was lucky to find a place on the street (where I would of course have parked anyway), but I had to wait several minutes before I could open the car door and cross the street to the post office.

Hereís a tip. If youíre sending me something that I have to pick up at the clerkís window, donít bother doing it during the first two weeks in December. I wouldnít have stood in that line to pick up a six-figure check. (Okay, maybe for that, but it would have to be the high six figures.)

I got out of there as quickly as I could and tried to move on to the grocery store, but there were so many other cars in my way I wished Iíd gone straight home. I definitely needed that soup, though, and thatís what kept me going through all the crazies out on the roadways.

7 December 2004

Cloudy day.

Somehow I made it home, and (oddly enough) I didnít feel as good after my outing as Iíd felt before. Iím not as achy overall as I have been the last couple of days, but I seem to have lost some of my zest for life, donít you know. Plus, Iíve developed a cough that I didnít have before, and thatís taking a little more out of me. Iím going to have to pace myself a little better, I guess.

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Oddly enough (again), it seems the less I do, the better I feel. Today was kind of a roller coaster. I had to do payroll, but I broke it up into bite-sized segments. I worked until I couldnít, and then rested. That seemed to work best. If I can get by with doing nothing at all, Iím sure Iíll recover a lot more quickly.

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