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Monday, December 6, 2004

It used to be that when I called in sick, I would have the whole day to do whatever it took to feel better. I could sleep or eat soup or just withdraw from the rush of urgent deadlines and sudden crises.

Nowadays I donít even make the call. I did talk to the Boss briefly this morning, but he didnít ask me why I sounded so bad. Maybe he thinks thatís the way I sound on Monday morning. In fact, come to think of it, heís probably right. If thatís what he thinks. Or maybe he just doesnít care.

Anyway, I have the same symptoms as yesterday, plus chills down to my bones. Iím no better but no worse, and Iím in full hibernation mode. I donít much want to talk to anyone or do anything. I move around as little as possible, and I didnít eat much of anything all day. Thatís probably not the way to get better, but itís all I feel like.

7 December 2004

Cloudy sky.

On top of everything else, Iím listening to a monster rainstorm battering my house and yard tonight. Itís loud like a locomotive, and itís not making me feel any better. I did get out to the post office this morning, but I wasnít about to walk down to the end of the drive to retrieve my mail this afternoon. Iím sure itíll be soaked after sitting in the box all night. I hope thereís nothing important (and/or perishable) out there.

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I wish I had a muffin or a donut or a crumb cake. I think Iíd be more inclined to eat if there was anything like that in the house.

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