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Monday, December 29, 2003

The storm that blew in last night and hovered over us all day, throwing down wind and water at us in measure beyond belief, was the biggest we've had so far this season. The back yard was under water, the driveway was under water, and the garden became immediately hydroponic. I was so afraid the cat would float up to the surface and I'd find it right back at my door again.

That's a lot of water. And that much water does more damage out here than you can see with the naked eye. Just try flushing a toilet when there's that much water in the ground. I fought with that particular appliance all day long, trying to get it to stop backing up and spewing out. The shower wouldn't drain properly either. It was just too much water.

It's dark, too, on days like this. I'd say it's too dark to work, and leave it at that, but I don't have time to indulge my fantasies these days. I had to rig up enough lighting to keep going. It was a chore nearly rendered useless because of the tenuous power situation. Some of the west county didn't have electricity at all, but my lights just flickered every so often and never went out completely.

And where do the ants come from on a day like this? I mean, why are there ants suddenly walking around on my desk, far away from any outside walls? Not in the kitchen, which I keep nearly spotless. Not by any windows or door. It was like seeing a bunch of penguins walking across the desert. Sort of.

I know all the pro-ant hype, that they're industrious creatures and have an admirable sense of community, but I'd rather see spiders in the house than ants. I don't have much choice, though, because suddenly I have both.

It was storming so hard most of the day that I didn't even get to the post office. I worked all weekend, and all morning, to get a ton of mail ready to send, and it's still sitting at the end of the bookcase next to the front door. Supposedly the sun'll come out tomorrow. We'll see about that. I have to get out of here, whether the sun cooperates or not.

29 December 2003

I took this from just inside my back door.

Even knowing I wasn't about to go out in the rain (and even knowing that many thousands of people went out despite the rain), I started my day as if I'd be doing all the things I wanted to do. I even shaved, and I put on my best sweatshirt (the one without the gross stain on the front). But it was all for nothing, because all I did today was work, and complain about the weather. That's about as productive as I can be on a day like this.

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Incredibly, the sun came out briefly this afternoon. It didn't stay long enough to dry us out or warm us up, but it's encouraging to know it's still there, behind the soggy slop. When I finally found the courage to walk out to check the mail late today, I had to remove an oak branch that had fallen in the middle of a puddle in the driveway, so that I don't drive over it when I go out tomorrow.

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