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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

One day without rain this week, and this was it. At least, that's what the weather guessers tell us, and we know how reliable they are. Sometimes they forget they're not in the Midwest, or some place with real weather. Out here on the North Coast, it's pretty much the same most of the time. So when a storm comes blowing through, the way it did yesterday, the weather guessers go nutty. It's like Christmas to them, only with highs and lows and fronts and isobars as their presents.

While it was still dry this morning, I went to the store and managed to avoid buying any beef. I guess I should have demonstrated my solidarity with the great cattle-raising conglomerates that are so endangered by the mad cow scare, but I took a look and got a sudden craving for chicken. Not that I doubt the nation's beef supply is just as safe. I think I'll wait and see how many more cows turn up mad before I sear all the flavor out of another steak.

The other thing I bought was more fresh herbs. I don't always use them, but Rachael says that whatever you have left over at the end of the week you can just throw in a salad. Then today on her show she made quesadillas, and she said that whatever leftover cheese you have you can throw into your quesadillas. I think that's a great excuse to buy more cheese. I love to snack on a couple of slices of cheese in the evenings. Now I have a reason to have more variety. I'll just stock up on tortillas and make quesadillas at the end of the week.

I can see a terrific pattern emerging here, although there usually aren't any leftover chocolate chip cookies and I don't know what I'd do with them if there were.

After I got back from the store (and the bank and the post office), I had very little interest in working. My work day had started before I even got out of bed, with a phone call from the Boss. He kept me running and jumping for the three hours before I got out (late) to do errands, coming up with one thing after another that just had to be done instantly.

I told him I could write only one more check before the end of the year, and he agreed. Then he told me to write a check to one of our suppliers, and after that another one. I turned him into a liar, because he made some promises that I just couldn't keep. But I can work Thursday and write as many checks as he wants and date them all in January. That's what I do almost every year.

6 December 2003

My grandniece or grandnephew about three weeks ago, at 14 weeks.

Tammy and David called last night. It's good to hear from them, because they're awfully busy this week and next. The Wedding is a week from Saturday, and I think they have plans for every day between now and then. What they have planned for afterward I'm not entitled to know, but I do know that about a month from now we'll know the sex of that baby up there. That's something else to look forward to in the new year.

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One of these days I'm going to try cooking something without too much garlic, just to see if I like it as much. Also, I think I'll be a little more careful with my new chef's knife, at least until I can stock up on band-aids.

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"We're pretty low on the food chain to be trying to keep up with the oil barons and their crooked accountants. There's nobody to take the fall for us if we don't follow the rules."

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