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Sunday, December 28, 2003

The problem with working most of Saturday and Sunday is that come Monday, I'm going to feel entitled to slack off. It'll be tempting, but I can't give in. Only three days are left in the year, and somehow I have to spend ten thousand dollars of the Company's money. It's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

The Boss talked with the accountant, and the accountant gave him two figures to aim for. One was the amount of money in the company checking account. The other was the amount we've borrowed from the credit line. The goal was to minimize taxes (or defer them to next year, which might not be as profitable as this one has been), while still looking successful to any company who might want to offer us a bond (because without the ability to get a bond, we probably won't be profitable or successful at all).

When we started this process a few weeks ago, both numbers were way off. The result was that I had to borrow a lot of money and then spend all of it. Creditors who are used to waiting forever to get paid by us are getting their checks before the bills are even due. That's probably better for business than anything else I'm doing, because it's going to make them want to keep giving us credit. That might keep us going longer than the low-taxes, no-bonding status quo.

I'm almost there. In the past two days I've written checks for tens of thousands of dollars. This week is for fine-tuning. I've asked Tim to get me the time cards as early as possible, so that I can account for payroll and move on from there. I don't know if it'll happen, but I'm going to press the matter. I've worked too hard (and given up too many weekends) to miss our goals.

Just to prove how far behind I am (not that it's anything to brag about), one of the things I did today was reconcile the November bank statement. You'll recall that November ended about 28 days ago. Thank goodness there weren't any errors that would have thrown the delicate balance I'm shooting for totally out of whack. That could happen, you know.

10 December 2003

Looking west through the fence.

And the other thing I did was pay my personal bills, as many as I could find the money for. Nothing close to thousands of dollars there, and no goal except to keep the account balance above zero. Assuming I still know how to add and subtract, I think I succeeded in that. Whoopee.

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If I hadn't been working today, I wouldn't have had the football games playing on TV in the background, and I wouldn't have seen the fantastic finish of the Cardinals-Vikings game, or the tears in Brett Favre's eyes when he found out he was going to the playoffs after getting so close to being shut out of the postseason. No team I care about is in the playoffs, so I'll just watch the Packers and see how far they get.

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