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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I came thisclose to another trip to D.J.ís school today, this time to yank him out of class and take him to the hospital for the arrival of his baby sister. The fact that it didnít happen wasnít Tammyís fault; sheís doing everything she can to keep the wait for Kylie short. She was at the hospital, but then she went home. One of these days verrrrry soon, sheíll come home with her first daughter.

Mom wouldnít have minded if Kylie had arrived today. Sheís leaving tomorrow for a five-day bus trip up north. When she planned this trip, the due date was about two weeks from now, so she canít be blamed for thinking she was in safe territory. Now, itís possible sheíll come home next Monday to a new member of the family. Only this time it will be her first great-granddaughter.

Since I was on call this morning, I didnít want to take a lot of time on my errands. I did have to deposit my paycheck, however, to make sure my rent check doesnít bounce. Instead of going to my usual bank inside the supermarket, I went to a branch a few blocks closer (inside a different supermarket). My idea was to dash in, dash out, and race home to wait for the phone call.

The plan worked perfectly, too, except for a couple of things. One was that my car was almost flattened in the supermarket parking lot by an SUV backing out of its space. I was on my way out and I saw the van with its backup lights on, so I waited. It moved a few inches, then stopped, so I proceeded (as they say in police reports).

Suddenly the van started moving again, and it was immediately obvious that the driver didnít know I was behind him. I was too close to stop, and there was probably more danger in trying to back up anyway, so I squeezed the gas pedal a little and sped on by. It was lucky for me that there was nobody ahead of me in the aisle, and that no one on the other side of the SUV was trying to back out at the same time.

I barely made it, and I doubt the van driver knows even now how close he came to leaving his imprint on a green Saturn. I think this incident shows a big reason why I go to that other supermarket to do my banking and shopping. Iíve never come close to being pancaked there.

28 August 2005

Aiden and Suzanne explore the soccer field.

The other reason my plan wasnít exactly perfect was that the call to rush to the hospital never came. In fact, I got the all clear shortly after I got home, so all I could do the rest of the day was work. Since this was payroll day, thatís not an entirely bad thing. But on the whole I might have preferred being at the hospital, welcoming my first grandniece. The time for that will come.

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The Giantsí youth parade continued today as two veterans were traded and a young infielder was not only brought up from the minors but started his first game at shortstop. At least it wasnít fan favorite J.T. Snow who left the team. And for once the Giantsí bats were potent enough to keep up with the amazing pitching theyíve been getting lately. They fought back from behind with two runs in the bottom of the eighth to beat the Rockies, 4-3 (although to be fair (fair to whom Iím not sure) some weak defense by the Rockies helped the Giantsí cause). This was the last day for trades to affect the post season. Deivi Cruz will provide the Nationals with some much needed offensive punch, and the Angels get the left-handed reliever they needed in Jason Christensen. What the Giants get is a chance to evaluate young talent and see what they might have going for them in 2006.

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