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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Iím in a position to do something helpful for the victims of Hurricane Katrina on behalf of the company, but at least one hand is tied behind my back. The Boss has somehow heard of the devastation in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast. Thatís a minor miracle in itself, if you know how insulated he is from anyoneís problems but his own. I mentioned the tsunami to him and then had to take twenty minutes explaining what it was. This is the kind of vacuum Iím working in here.

He phoned me out of the blue today and said we should send some money to the relief effort. The only condition he put on me was that it couldnít have anything to do with the Red Cross. Since thatís the organization I associate with doing the most good in these situations, I was thrown a little by this. But I assumed Iíd find plenty of groups willing to accept our money and spend it wisely.

Hereís the kicker, though. My challenge was to find a charity that Sean Hannity would approve of. Apparently Hannity mentioned on his show some way to help with relief efforts, and it caught the Bossís attention (but not enough for him to remember any details). He asked if I knew who Hannity was and I said yes in a way that let him know I didnít share his adoration for the man, a right wing pundit who poisons political dialogue with pompous demagoguery. (Other than that, heís probably an okay guy.)

So I went to Hannityís web site and found that the one click-through to a recommended charity took me directly to the site of (wait for it) the American Red Cross. I cannot wait to relate this to the Boss. Iíve come up with some alternatives, in case he refuses to change his mind.

What I want to do doesnít matter, in the end, because he controls the money. And I donít want to lose this chance to help, so Iíll do whatever he says. Sometimes I can steer him in the direction I want him to go, and sometimes I canít.

9 August 2005

Splotch of clouds.

Anything we end up doing will be a tiny drop in a massive bucket of watery wreckage. It only works if people who can help are motivated enough to do so. If the stories of loss and damage can melt the Bossís heart, even just a little, I have no doubt that those whose hearts are a little softer to begin with will come together to spread hope around.

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Giants rookie (one of many) Todd Linden made a game-saving, flying, over-the-shoulder catch to end the top of the sixth inning today, then came up in the bottom of the inning and hit a bullet of a home run. It was the fourth solo homer by the Giants in the game, and probably the most important, since they went on to beat the Rockies, 5-3. They did lose starter Kevin Correia (who just turned 25) to a shoulder injury after two innings, and he was replaced by 42-year-old Jeff Fassero, who might not be part of the youth movement but has been an important part of the team in those kinds of situations. He in turn was replaced by disgruntled veteran Brett Tomko, one of the last few disgruntled veteran pitchers on the staff (since most of the others have been released or traded).

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