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Monday, August 30, 2004

"Something really horrible happened today, Uncle Mike." This was before I even got a chance to ask D.J. about his first day of kindergarten. He actually had a great day, I found out later, but he did cry once. That was when his teacher accidentally sent his brand new Spider-Man lunch box home with another child. It was tragic, but it will all be corrected in a day or so.

Still, it was indeed a horrible thing to have to happen to you on your first day.

He told me about his one new friend, a boy named David. Apparently the goal is for the whole class to learn all there is to know about one child each day, until (within four weeks, since there are twenty students) everyone knows everyone else by name. It's unusual for D.J. to make only one friend in a day, as radically social as he is by nature. I hope this system isn't holding him back.

What else? He likes his teacher. He has a cubby where he keeps his stuff, and it has a picture of a crocodile on it. And he learned how to write his name today. ("I was doing it wrong before.")

We had a little family get-together tonight, to celebrate this new stage in his life and (mostly) so he could tell us all about his first day. When you have that many words rattling around in your head, you really need someone to hear them. In his case, they come out so fast that it doesn't take long. (Sometimes it seems like it, though).

30 August 2004

Kindergarten Boy, day one.

What with my sciatica and my bursitis both acting up at the same time, I made it clear from the start that there would be no chasing of boys around the big back yard today. That didn't get me totally off the hook, but I managed to get by with a few rambling excursions into the magical land of dinosaurs and jungle cats. Mostly all I have to do is be there and listen, which isn't hard on my aching joints so I'm happy to oblige.

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