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Friday, August 26, 2005

Now that the real Friday is here at last, I can bow in gratitude to whatever mystical (or earthly) force made it possible for me to last another week (especially this week). I think it was the Mayans who invented the calendar, right? Thank the Mayans itís Friday.

Itís not as if Iím slipping and sliding into the weekend with a goofy grin on my face, though. Thatís a little more than I can manage, despite the fact that I got a whole five and a half hours of sleep last night. (I had to sleep in until nine to do it.) Despite the fact that I had a wonderful hour of coffee and conversation with a friend this morning. Despite the fact that someone cares enough to call me long distance and check on me (free weekend minutes notwithstanding).

The light-headed feverishness (ooh, thatís a real word) I felt this afternoon had nothing to do with the coffee, either, unlike last week. This time I had only one cup, and itís the only caffeinated coffee Iíve sucked down all week. I should have known something when I woke up with a sore throat this morning, but I wrote that off to allergies and sinus drainage. That feeling went away long before the dizzy heat smacked me down.

9 August 2005

World of clouds.

Under duress, I made a promise to someone (thank you, Someone) not to do any work tomorrow. I also promised to get out of the house and do something fun, but I donít know if Iíll be keeping that part of the deal. It might be that the best thing for me is to stay in bed all day. Sometimes I think thatís the best thing I can do for myself every day (or at least every day until I start losing muscle tone and forget how to move at all).

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The Giants made some moves today that suggest they are looking beyond this year. Veteran pitchers have been let go in recent weeks, and younger pitchers brought up to take their place. That continued today when Jason Christensen left the team in favor of the top pitching prospect Matt Cain, who will start Monday. Another of the Giantsí young pitchers, Kevin Correia, had the best start of his career tonight, giving up just one run in eight amazing innings, but he was the victim of no run support, thanks to the mesmerizing performance of Steve Trachsel, who in his first start of the season led the Mets to a 1-0 win over the Giants.

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