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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Does this count? I opened the mail. If that counts as working, then I broke my promise and worked today.

Oh, and I also filed away the one piece of mail that wasnít immediately recyclable junk. It was a notice from a county agency that a family had reconciled and I didnít need to deduct child support from an employeeís check any more. The trouble with that was that this guy worked for us for two weeks early in the summer and I didnít get the support order until after he was gone. But itís good to know heís home with his family. Totally heartwarming.

So I guess I did work, for about 45 seconds. Plus twenty minutes of walking, to the post office and back, but that was more for exercise than to fulfill any obligations. It was in the hot afternoon sun, too, but I still wouldnít call it working.

Other than that, this was a Saturday for restoring a little equilibrium to my life. I did basically nothing (and liked it!). I canít say that Iím caught up on sleep, but I do feel better. Whatever it was that came over me yesterday was gone today. Itís just barely possible that the stress and lack of sleep had something to do with the wave of dizziness and the flushed feeling. Iím willing to admit that, now that itís over.

9 August 2005

Cloud smear.

And I plan not to work again tomorrow, although I do hope to do more than sit around mindlessly watching television from dawn (that is, 10:30 am) to dusk (or two or three hours after midnight, whichever comes later). Iím getting that closed-in sensation, and I think there are places I can go to improve things. Weíll have to see, though, because I could wake up tomorrow with no ambition and no energy. That would make it like most Sundays.

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The demolition and reconstruction of the 2005 Giants continued today. On a day when they beat the Mets, 2-1, they traded away one of my favorite players, Michael Tucker. The Phillies are getting a veteran who always plays with heart, always runs hard to first base, always makes outfield catches with both hands. He plays the game the right way, and I hope the fans in Philadelphia appreciate him as much as we did in San Francisco. (And if I were a player on the Giants roster older than about 32, Iíd be thinking about packing my bags. Could J.T. Snow be next?)

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