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Saturday, August 20, 2005

When I planned out what work I was going to get through today, I wasnít thinking that the Little League World Series, the Giants game, and the NASCAR Busch Series race were all going to be on TV at the same time. So itís a good thing the Big Brother live Internet feeds were off all day, or I might not have got anything done at all.

There was another part to my plan that I never did get around to. I wanted to do some mowing along the side of the house and some trimming along the walkway that leads from the driveway to the front door. Itís no wonder I donít have any company these days, because the path to my door is an uninviting gauntlet of weeds. You canít walk along it without getting all scratched up. I know, because I do it every day.

Of course, the real deterrent to visitors could be the wasps that have nested under the eaves just outside the door. I thought Iíd made my peace with them. For most of the summer Iíve been walking past them without even thinking about it. Other people notice them when they drop by, but until today Iíd almost forgotten about them. Today when I left for the post office they were swarming, and I held my breath as I walked through. This winter I really have to get rid of those nests. I wonít do anything while theyíre still living in them. I think itís probably illegal anyway.

As a sort of appendix to what I wrote the other day about not wanting people to think Iím an idiot when I walk down the street talking (silently) to myself, I have to disclose that I said something out loud today. But it was only one word. ďJerk.Ē It was directed at the driver of the car that was parked across the driveway cut I had to walk through, so that I had to make a big, unnecessary loop around him. And I didnít say it until I was past him and he couldnít hear me (or read my lips). Besides, heís probably been called a jerk enough times that he thinks itís his nickname.

20 August 2005

The oak tree between my driveway and the road. I've never shown you this tree before.

In spite of anything you might think, Iím happily decaffeinated today. I know you canít tell by this rambling entry from the dusty corridors of my mind.

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The Giants seemed pretty determined to lose today. They trailed the whole game, but as soon as they tied it up they gave up the lead again. They got three hits in the ninth inning but managed not to score a run. They didnít give up much, but they got even less, and the Cardinals beat them, 4-2.

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