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Friday, August 20, 2004

They found me today. I've been crawling under the radar all week, and as a result I shook a lot of dust off my to-do list. Even on those days when I was so wracked with pain I could hardly sit at the computer, I got work done because the rest of the world pretty much left me alone.

But they found me today. All day long, new and entertaining assignments came to me over the fax. I didn't get any "real" work done, but I got a chance to design some new forms that will help us bill Kennel tenants, and the Boss asked me to make some calculations on the computer that he'd been doing (for many years, apparently) by hand.

It took me about five minutes to do what he'd been working on all day. He was impressed, but I tried to play it down. After all, I hadn't done anything but input the raw data he'd given me. A machine had done all the work. But I do take credit for designing the resulting table in a format that was easy for him to read. I think that meant at least as much to him as the information itself.

Unfortunately, all the other things I should have been doing today are still waiting. I have the rest of my to-do list to do, and no more work days to do it in. I'm on my own time now, so I might as well just decide I'm going to work Saturday. I do that nearly every week anyway, so it's no big deal.

20 August 2004

Lizard on a rock.

It would be nice (in a kind of a sort of a way) to look forward to a weekend when I didn't have something pressing to attend to. On the other hand, there's no such thing, so if I have to keep busy I might as well be accomplishing something. I know that doesn't make sense, but it's a beautiful lie, isn't it? When all I want is to lie around doing nothing more strenuous than clicking the remote? Right.

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