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Sunday, August 14, 2005

All I wanted out of today was to be left alone. That shouldnít be something I have to ask for on a Sunday, but I didnít want a repeat of Saturday. Yesterday I kept getting faxes all day long.

My new plan is to deal with the last one first. Whatever the Boss asks for now, heís going to get now, at the expense of what he wanted me to do an hour ago. If anything important gets shuffled to the bottom of the pile, itíll be his fault for loading me down with more than I have time to do.

When I got a thirteen-page bid form yesterday at 6:00 pm, with a note that the bid was due Wednesday so we would have to act quickly, I had had enough. I faxed him back a subtly worded note that said, ďLetís talk about this Monday.Ē What I know, and what he doesnít know, is that this is a federal bid that can be submitted on line, and the thirteen pages donít have to be filled out at all.

For the most part it worked today. I had zero energy and even less enthusiasm for working, and I probably wouldnít have responded even if the fax had been purring all day long. Nothing came through, though — not until after 8:00 pm. I couldnít believe he was starting that late, and I was in no mood to do anything about it, except seethe inwardly.

What he sent was something Iíd specifically mentioned last week, when heíd asked me (for the seventy-ninth time) if there was any part of my job I would be willing to give up, to ease my work load. Yeah, I told him, Iíd be okay if you hired a secretary to type the crewsí to-do lists. He has several work crews and various individuals under his thumb, and they all get weekly lists. Itís a big pain to do this, and itís an even bigger pain to have to think about it on Sunday night.

9 August 2005

Passing clouds.

Obviously I didnít type the lists tonight. Iíll get to them tomorrow, probably after lunch. If he wants them sooner heíll have to ask for them, and I might still make him wait. Thatís just the kind of pissy mood Iím in today, and if thinking about work keeps me awake tonight, Iíll be in just as bad a mood tomorrow.

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The Giants play their home games in a city that stays cool all summer. So when they go to South Florida once a year to play three games, they might be at a slight disadvantage in the oppressive heat and humidity. Thatís how it looked today, anyway, as they walked lifelessly through the one and only day game in their three-game series against the Marlins, and lost it, 4-1. Part of their low spirits might have been due to the fact that one of the most popular Giants, ten-year player Kirk Rueter, packed his bags and went home today. The team has ten days to trade him or release him. He was the life of the clubhouse and a favorite of the fans. You wouldnít expect this team to have a lot of spirit on the day he left.

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