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Monday, August 15, 2005

I donít think summer is over for good. I hope not, but I can tell you that I donít mind the cooler days weíve been having lately. Itís a little depressing to get up to a heavy morning cloud cover, but when the overcast burns off and itís still mild out there, I can live with that.

Itís been a lot easier getting back into the habit of walking every day since the weather turned fall-like. So far ďevery dayĒ consists of two of the last three days, but thatís better than not-walking every day, which is what Iíve been not-doing all summer. If Iím going to get healthy, exercise is probably an even bigger part of the plan than nutrition.

Itís cool enough at night to sleep comfortably. That doesnít mean I do sleep, but at least Iím comfortable in my insomnia. I could sleep comfortably, if I could sleep at all. It actually eliminates one of my best excuses for not sleeping, but I think Iím past excuses by this point. I sleep badly, period.

Every evening as the shadows start to get long, a quail appears in my garden, seemingly out of nowhere. It struts around a bit and then disappears just as quickly. Yesterday I had two quail, both perched in the dead birch tree, but most of the time — just about every day for the last week or more, in fact — itís just been the one. I donít know if the change in the weather has anything to do with it, but thatís when the visits started. Itís a nice way to end the day.

9 August 2005

Rim of clouds.

I still like hot weather best, donít get me wrong. I hope itís not over. In fact, Iím sure itís not over, because September and early October are traditionally the hottest times of the year around here. But until those Indian summer days arrive, Iím taking advantage of the slight chill to do a few things the sweltering heat prevents. Not including yard work yet, but maybe Iíll start tomorrow on that. If itís not too hot.

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In a game where the Giants were unable to drive runners in from third base, they had two sacrifice flies in one big sixth inning tonight and went on to beat the Reds, 7-3. The hitting hero was newcomer Randy Winn, who has been on a power tear lately, hit for the cycle. Heís the eighth San Francisco Giant to hit a single, double, triple and home run in the same game, and the first since Jeff Kent in 1999.

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