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Saturday, August 14, 2004

We had another birthday party for Dakota today, but it's not as excessive and outlandish as you might think. The family get-together we had Tuesday was put together at the last minute, so that he could celebrate on his actual birthday. Because, let's face it, what's the use of having a birthday if people can't make a fuss over you?

This thing today was different. It's been planned for weeks, with people from all over the extended family, including friends and teachers and neighbors, with the barbecue grill going, and beach balls and a sand box and a giant jump house. I mean, this was a Party, loud and chaotic. And kids would pretty much rule, because the adults were outnumbered.

It actually came off pretty well. Dakota had his moments of stress and strain, but he loved the presents and he loved jumping in the house. Everyone there had some connection to him, and so even in such a large crowd he wasn't lost at his own party. By the time I left he was still smiling, which I take as a good sign.

14 August 2004

The gang watches Dakota open presents.

And Aiden did a lot of smiling today, too, despite the crowd. Or maybe it was because of the crowd that he showed a little more of his better nature. People couldn't seem to stop trying to make him wiggle and giggle and laugh, and he was as accommodating as anyone two and a half months old (with possibly a first tooth coming in) can be expected to be. I'm sure he's more comfortable in his usual routine, but considering his family's penchant for parties, he probably should start getting used to a lot of people making faces at him.

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