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Sunday, August 7, 2005

I didnít get around to actually working today, but I wonít go on and on about it. Iíd talk about what I did instead, but thereís not much glamour or adventure in lying around watching sports on TV. You might even say that I wasted a whole day that way.

But I donít see it like that. Any day spent doing either what you need to do or what you want to do canít be wasted. I needed to rest today. And I wanted to watch NASCAR and baseball. So it was a highly successful, productive day. Okay, not so much productive, in the sense of advancing the cause of civilization (or reconciling my bank statement). But Iím satisfied.

After all, people should listen to their own bodies. Thatís what Iíve been told all week, mostly by Tammy. She was supposed to be on bed rest, but she knew what she could and couldnít do, and it has worked out for her. She does what she wants and needs to do. All Iím doing is listening to my body, which tells me to stop and rest. And listening to my mind, which tells me that itís okay to do that.

7 August 2005

Sunset clouds.

I promised not to go on and on about doing nothing, and Iíve already taken it far enough. Tomorrow is Monday, and itís a new week, and new things will start happening as soon as I wake up in the morning. Or maybe before, if I keep the phone on all night again. Iím going to have to listen to my mind and see what it says about that now.

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It was inevitable that the Giants would run out of pitching in this series before the Astros did. It happened, but not in the way youíd expect. Emergency starter Brian Cooper, called up from the minors, matched future hall of famer Roger Clemens for seven innings today, giving the Giants a chance to sweep the series. Each pitcher gave up a run in the first and nothing from then on. But the Astros lit up the Giantsí bullpen in the eighth and ninth for seven runs and won the game, 8-1, sending the Giants off on their two-week, four-city road trip with a loss.

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