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Saturday, August 6, 2005

What ever made me believe I was going to get a lot of work done today? Why do I still believe I can plan my time ahead, even just a day ahead? When has everything unfolded the way I thought it would?

And thatís not even a bad thing. Usually. Something comes up to change the course of another dreary working Saturday, and Iím complaining? If I am, itís not right. But I was hoping to sleep very, very late this morning. That was going to make up for a long, stressful week.

And then, the phone rang. Early. Not early for most people, but early for me, on a Saturday. Itís my own fault for leaving the ringer on all night, but Iíve felt I had to do that since we were put on bed rest. Well, not all of us, but the ones of us who are pregnant. I canít miss an important call, no matter what time it comes, just because I have funny sleep patterns.

So I was up, and since I wasnít awake enough to work, I didnít. I lounged around the house until it was time to go to the post office, and on my way back I stopped by Tammy and Davidís to see the new truck. When I got home, I was tired, so I half-napped while I watched the game. Then it was too late to get started, and after that it got dark and the day was over.

Seriously, I fully intended to get a lot of work done today. Why did I think that was even possible? I should have known better long before the phone rang first thing this morning.

4 August 2005

David's new truck.

Actually, I would probably have got more work done if I hadnít come back home and found six pages of typing on the fax machine. That pissed me off so much that I— well, I did it, but I didnít do anything else on my list. If he wants his six pages on a Saturday, heís going to have to wait for the cost reports he asked for earlier. Thatíll teach him to change my plans for me.

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The Giants have been a different team since the Astros came to town. Suddenly theyíre getting timely hitting and excellent starting pitching. Today they scored four early runs off Roy Oswalt and hung on for a 5-2 win over the Astros behind seven shutout innings by Noah Lowry. Itís the second game in a row a Giants starter has outpitched an Astros ace, and the two runs the Astros scored in the ninth inning today were the first theyíve scored in eighteen innings in this series. The Astros lead the NL wild card race and have been one of the hottest teams in baseball for the last two months. Maybe all it took was for a good team to come to town to wake up the Giants.

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