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Friday, August 5, 2005

I don’t want to call this a turning point day or anything as dramatic as that, but it turned out to be a day when a few things that could have gone way wrong went slightly the other way. One of the hopeful examples of this turn of events is the fact that it’s Friday. Not that it could have been any other day, having followed Thursday and all, but it does come at a convenient time.

A better example might be the fact that Aiden doesn’t have an ear infection. In fact, there’s nothing much wrong with him, other than the fact that he’s teething (still, again, and maybe forever). And I think he’s probably inherited the family allergies. He has a slight sore throat (I guess the doctor has a scientific way of knowing that), but nothing worse.

When he was here today, briefly, he seemed fine. He was as charming as ever, patiently explaining the world to me in his special language. If I didn’t quite get a word, he’d repeat it a little louder, until he was convinced I knew what he was saying. I expect him to be an orator one day. He is already perfecting the facial expressions and hand gestures he needs to help him make his point.

How did he get to my house? Tammy brought him, which is more good news. She has passed the crisis and is getting out and about again. Good news for her, because she goes a little crazy when she’s stuck at home for too long at a time. And good news for Kylie, because she will not be born before she’s ready. This situation has been gnawing at us for at least a week, but time has a way of turning two weeks into one week. All you have to do is wait a week and you’re there.

And Suzanne’s flu is better. We’re allowed to call it the flu, although we really know it’s more likely the result of her trying to be everywhere at the same time, nonstop for too long a time. That kind of catches up with a person, no matter how strong she is. After one very bad day, she’s on the mend. That’s good news in every sense.

4 August 2005

Through the back door screen. (An experiment with the new camera.)

She wasn’t well enough to see the Summer Repertory Theatre production of “Beauty and the Beast” with us tonight at SRJC, however. That’s too bad, because it was a great show and not only would she have enjoyed it, but we would have enjoyed it more if she had been there. It’s the Disney musical, with talking teapots and chandeliers and clocks, and there were lots of children in the audience. But our group of twelve was mostly adults, and we all had a great time, too.

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This could have been the weekend that the Giants played themselves out of any chance at a winning season. They’re facing the Astros, one of baseball’s hottest teams, with three pitchers who are legitimate Cy Young candidates — Andy Pettite, Roy Oswalt and Roger Clemens. The Giants have only one pitcher of that quality, Jason Schmidt, and he more than met the challenge tonight, throwing eight shutout innings as the Giants beat the Astros (and Pettitte), 4-0. Schmidt won’t win the Cy Young award this year, but the Giants also have a rookie of the year candidate in Lance Niekro, who got the game started right with a two-run homer in the first. Getting games started right has been a problem lately. So has getting them ended right. Tonight was a pleasant exception.

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