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Thursday, April 9, 2009

On my long-delayed shopping trip today, I might have bought some things that will end up going unused, but I know I bought some things that Iíve never bought before, or ever expected to. Brussels sprouts? Are you kidding me? Brussels sprouts and I go way back, and itís not a happy story. And sweet potatoes! I think Iíve had one bite of sweet potatoes in my life, and that was enough. Until today.

Even though it took me an hour and a half at the supermarket (at about a dollar a minute, once I got to the cashier), I still couldnít get everything on my list. Some items just werenít anywhere to be found, and the rest wouldnít fit in the shopping cart, which was overflowing by the time I was finished. I thought Iíd done pretty well, though, until I got home and started looking at dinner recipes for tonight. In every one I read, it seemed I was missing one or two key ingredients. I thought I might have to have dreary leftovers again, but I finally decided to make a brown rice salad. It still took a few substitutions before I was able to do even that.

If Iíd been able to find the vegetarian meat crumbles, or the canned water chestnuts, or the ďchickenĒ flavored seitan, or the small new potatoes, I could have eaten a lot better tonight. I already knew Iíd have to make another shopping trip tomorrow, but I didnít realize how critical it would be to flesh out the rest of my pantry and fridge, so that I can proceed with the diet plan. I really want to go as much by the daily menu planner as possible, but I keep getting thwarted. I donít like to be thwarted, especially when Iím trying to do it all on four or five hours of sleep a night.

8 April 2009

Front of the house, with freshly mowed path.

But there is some success to report. I made sweet potato fries to go with my soy burger for lunch, and they were mighty tasty. (They werenít really fried, just sliced and baked.) And the brown rice salad was better than Iíd hoped or expected, especially after all the dead ends I kept running into trying to find something, anything to fix for dinner. I could have done worse. Thatís my ringing endorsement for the day.

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Giants 7, Brewers 1. Why is this game different from all other Matt Cain games? It almost wasnít, when the Giants had a runner on third with no outs in the fourth and two hitters failed to get him in. Cain has seen that so many times that he was probably expecting it. Heís the best pitcher in baseball per run scored behind him. Thatís not a real stat, but itís a real Matt Cain stat. This game was different, though, because Aaron Rowand followed with a two-out RBI single that gave the Giants a 2-0 lead. Despite the big win, the atmosphere after the game was grim, after rookie Joe Martinez, who pitched in the ninth, had to leave after being beaned by a comebacker.

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