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Friday, April 9, 2004

I was up well past three in the morning last night, reading cookbooks and washing my new cookware and planning recipes for the next three weeks, so it would have been a good morning to sleep in. That being impossible, it could still have been a good morning, if only.

Alas, it was not to be. Luck wasn't on my side, and the phone started ringing before my eyelids were completely unsealed. "Did you get the two sheets I just faxed you?" Oh, is that what this blurry paper coming out of the fax machine is? "Can you read it?" Can you call back in an hour?

And it was like that all day. I was working for three different people, the Boss himself, his ne'er-do-well son Tim, and his pushy squeeze Julie. They had me going in three different directions, which didn't leave much of me for the tasks I'd put off for today myself. I hope I made them all happy, because they all made me cheerfully wretched, along with throwing me even further behind.

What can I say when the Boss asks, "Am I making more work for you?" Well, yes, as a matter of fact. Wasn't that what you were going for?

When the calls and faxes stopped at six o'clock tonight, I was kind of stunned. I know none of the projects I worked on today is anywhere near complete. For a while I waited for the other ten-ton lead boot to drop, but so far it hasn't. That doesn't mean my Saturday will be peaceful, but I'm hoping it is, if only to give me a chance to do my own work (what I call my real work) that I've been putting off all week.

7 April 2004

That wheelbarrow is still in the middle of the back yard.

I did try a new recipe tonight, but all I used were the tools I already had, mostly my knives and a cookie sheet. I made Rachael's Oven Home Fries with Pepper and Onion, but I didn't make it as a side dish. This was my evening meal, and it was also the only reason I bought all those red potatoes and a green bell pepper. The onion I already had on hand.

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Fortunately, I was prepared for Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star to be a terrible movie, so when it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, I was pleasantly diverted. The few big laughs were a little coarse (think Ian Gomez eating a Twinkie and you'll get the idea), but this is what you should expect from a David Spade movie. What I didn't expect was that the story also had a bit of heart to it.

It was worth renting the DVD, though, for the "Former Child Stars On Your Television" music video that played over the end titles. If you can envision Marcia Brady, Eddie Munster, Screech, Rerun, Horshack and about two dozen other formerly young icons of the 1960s and 1970s, singing a sort of twisted take on "We Are the World," well... if you can envision that, you're probably nearly as old as I am.

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"As sensitive as we are these days, it's a wonder there's anyone left to enjoy a show that tramples on political correctness and attempts (with great success) to offend absolutely everyone."

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