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Monday, April 4, 2005

First of all, today is not my birthday. Itís four days until my birthday, so I wasnít expecting anything when Mom called and asked if she could drop by this afternoon. She even had a lame excuse about not wanting to put the new sticker on her license plate in the parking lot where she lives. And I fell for it.

In fact, I didnít know anything was going on until Suzanne and Eric showed up a few minutes after Mom got here. Something was up. Yeah, I catch on fast.

This past weekend Iíd planned to buy a weed trimmer. Then, in a few more weeks, I was going to get a lawnmower. Iíve had a guy do my yard for the five years Iíve lived here, but I needed to start doing it myself. When he was here a month ago asking me if it was time yet, I told him I didnít have enough money to pay him (which was true). And I told him that I was planning to take care of the yard myself (which was also true, but harder to prove).

Of course, everyone in the family knew I wanted to do this, and Mom reminded me that Iím not supposed to buy myself anything this close to my birthday. Thatís the reason I didnít get my weed trimmer Saturday. (One reason, anyway. Also, I didnít feel up to a shopping trip. Also, Iíve been checking around and couldnít find the kind of trimmer I was looking for. Also, it was supposed to rain Sunday.)

Itís a good thing I didnít go shopping over the weekend, because today they brought me all Iíll need to keep the yard in shape. All but the time and energy to actually do the work, but hey. They donít sell that at the home improvement store.

So now I have a cordless twelve-inch weed trimmer and a cordless lawnmower. At this very moment they are both charging up for that day in the very near future when Iíll put them to use. Iím so happy about this, and itís not even my birthday!

4 April 2005

My new lawnmower has its work cut out for it.

I had a pretty good day considering. Considering it was the first work day after the time change. And considering itís not my birthday. Nobody phoned until after 9:00 am this morning. I had good news on the health insurance fiasco that caused so much hard feeling over the weekend. And I heard from an old friend who calls me a couple of times a year. I canít ask for much more, from a Monday or any other day.

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As odd as it might seem, it looks like weíll be switching HMOs and saving the company about $50,000 on medical insurance. I know thatís impossible, and some of the savings will be used up because weíre self-insuring in some areas where we purchased commercial insurance before. But the best part of all this, the part that makes it palatable, is that someone else is doing all the legwork. For that, Iíll take dealing with the inconvenience of changing doctors, since I never get sick anyway. Believe it or not, I think I have more to say about this, but Iím going to wait until things shake out and I can see which way the wind is blowing.

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