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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Boss is back in town. Thatís the good news, and the bad news. He was away all last week (which was another good news/bad news situation). He managed to start faxing me letters to type first thing this morning, but every time I tried to call him I couldnít get through. I know heís been having weather-related problems with his phone lines, but I donít think thatís why I couldnít reach him.

I think he was deliberately being unavailable. He likes to pretend that the work he does requires so much intense concentration that the slightest interruption sends the entire operation teetering over the precipice. Heís been telling people that for such a long time that he now actually believes it.

So I couldnít get answers to the questions Iíve been holding onto for a week. The biggest question: where are we going to get enough money to pay the bills this week? Thatís been seriously weighing on me, and I would have liked a chance to discuss it with the Boss.

Unfortunately, every time I talked to him, it was on his terms. He did the talking and steered the conversation into the dead end cul-de-sac of his own dark, little planet. He wasnít hearing me, even when he took a breath. I finally gave up and decided to pursue the matter tomorrow. There arenít that many tomorrows left before I have to come up with an answer. Sadly, I canít do it alone.

5 April 2006

Whistling winter cloud.

Itís probably not the best policy to put off unpleasant tasks, but itís how I operate. Itís the way I get through the day, especially the day of the Monday kind. Tomorrow is Tuesday. I donít think I can put this off until Wednesday, so one way or another weíll have to deal with the cash shortage. There are two checks out there, ďin the mail,Ē as they say, that would solve the problem. I need to prevail upon the Boss to track them down, or to come up with an interim solution.

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The utility company messed me up again. This was the day they were supposed to do the repair work that was postponed twice before by bad weather. I was fully prepared to be without electricity for two or three hours (and fully prepared to sleep soundly through the outage). So what happened? The sun was out until about 10:30 am today. Then it rained, but if they had done the work when they said they would, this would all be over now. Instead, Iíll just wait for the next letter with the new date. This must be some pretty important repair work, or else theyíd just hold off until the weather breaks. If theyíve seen the same forecast Iíve seen, thatís two weeks away at the earliest.

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