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Saturday, April 10, 2004

If a day like today doesn't meet expectations, you should probably adjust your expectations. As usual, I had a little list of tasks that it would be good to complete today, because they have to be done some time and if not now then it'll have to be later. And now is here, so why not take advantage?

It didn't quite work out the way I planned, but you won't find me complaining (at least not until Monday comes and I actually have to do what I put off today). Some of what I was going for actually did happen, like the part where I sleep very, very late. That's probably what set up everything good that happened later on anyway, so it becomes the key to a satisfying day.

So I didn't get any work done. That's what Mondays are for, as I keep reminding myself. And I didn't do any homework, but I still have nine days before the midterm. And I have all summer to take care of the yard and forever to clean the house. Who needs all of that wheel spinning on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

Easing into the day, I made it all the way to two o'clock before I got out of the house. I walked to the post office (not from home, but from a neutral intermediate location). There's my exercise for the day (week, month, whatever). That made it easier to have an extra bowl of the crock pot chili later on tonight. (Plus the last piece of birthday cake, for that matter.)

When Eric called around three this afternoon, I was just about to dive into the pile of company mail I haven't opened since Thursday. Whew! I really dodged that one, because he told me the Little League team he's coaching was playing a game in an hour, right around the corner from my house. So I changed plans again, gladly.

There's nothing like sitting out in the sun late on a Saturday afternoon, watching ten- to twelve-year-olds romping around the bases and throwing the ball all over the field. The level of play didn't matter, because the kids were having fun under the watchful eye of two supportive managers, a group of good coaches, plus parents, grandparent, brothers and sisters. And me, I was there, too.

7 April 2004

Some trees are still barely acknowledging spring.

The game had a time limit, thank goodness, or I might still be sitting there. As it was, I spent a little too much time in the sun for comfort. There was no shade to be found, and I was there for more than two hours. I'm usually careful about exposure to sunlight, but at least once every year I forget, or I'm just not prepared. Luckily, I don't ordinarily burn badly, so I probably won't feel it for more than a day. It's a good lesson, though, because we're at the very beginning of a whole lot of great weather. It's time to replenish the supply of sunblock.

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From Tamar's site comes the sick news that an anti-Semitic group has tried to co-opt the word "Jew" by linking it back to its own hate-filled site by way of Google. To counteract that, some personal web sites are linking the word Jew to the Wikipedia definition. It's a virtual guerrilla war against bigotry, and I'm proud to do my small part to help out.

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