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Monday, April 25, 2005

The benefit of getting so much work done over the weekend wonít really come until tomorrow. Tuesday is the day Iíd ordinarily do the payroll, but since itís already done, this Tuesday will be like a free day. Only itís not, of course. Thereís no such thing as a free day, especially during the last week before quarterly taxes are due.

And anyhow, it doesnít always pay to try to get ahead. I did the payroll Saturday, and then this morning I got a call from Tim. ďOh, by the way, did I tell you I gave one of the guys a dollar an hour raise?Ē No, you didnít. But Iíll handle it. Iíll rewrite the check, void the old one, and fix all the now incorrect amounts I already entered on the tax and workers comp pages. And Iíll be ever so happy to do it.

I could have raised a ruckus about the lack of communication, but I donít want to discourage him from giving me the time cards early. I had to redo some of the work I used up my Saturday doing, and pretend I didnít mind. It wasnít a hard sell job, because it was what he wanted to hear. (ďI knew you wouldnít mind.Ē) Not so good for the ulcer, though. (Mine, that is.)

Still, here it is Monday and Iím talking about looking forward to Tuesday. Thatís not the case normally, and Iíd hate for the Boss (or anyone else) to get wind of it. He always seems to find a way to fill any vacuum of time I can scrape out of the week. Even when he doesnít know about it, he has a sixth (or seventh or eighth) sense about it. When he does know, he has no shame about it.

2 April 2005


And anyway, thatís not what I brought you all here to talk about. Tammy called me this morning to let me know that at long last, Aiden has his first tooth. Heís been teething since about a week after he was born, I think, and now heís just a little over a month away from his first birthday. I donít think heís ready to give up the soft, gummable foods entirely, but heís on his way. Iíll try to get a photo of this miracle some time soon.

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Both the Giants and the Padres have great closers. The trouble is, unless youíre ahead in the last inning, it doesnít matter how good your closer is. Tonight Trevor Hoffman struck out the side in the bottom of the ninth to close out a 5-3 Padre victory.

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