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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Somebody stop me before I improve myself to death. Iím in bad shape from trying to get in shape. Thanks to an exercise video, I already ached all over before I tried out my new weed trimmer on the overgrown porch and walkway outside my front door. Getting my yard in shape isnít going to be any easier than getting myself in shape. By the time I was done, my arms weighed a hundred pounds each and I couldnít lift my water glass (with either hand) without trembling.

I donít know. Maybe Iím getting old. Maybe Iíll decide not to have a birthday this week after all. Itís just not working for me.

First of all, the trouble with the beginner yoga tapes is that they tell you to stop when you feel uncomfortable, and then they go on demonstrating the stretches and positions. Well, if those old people on the tape can keep doing it, why canít I? (Besides the obvious fact that I just started three weeks ago and theyíve been at it longer.)

Going beyond your comfort level is supposed to be good when youíre exercising, isnít it? Then why oh why did I have shooting pains through both legs for two days after the last time I did it? I havenít done any of the workouts since Sunday, just to try to let my body come back to me. I need to get back at it, but I need to be a little more aware of what Iím doing to myself.

4 April 2005

Someone else's clouds.

Handling the weed trimmer took a little more muscle than I thought it would. Iíll start out with small patches and then continue doing small patches until the whole yard is done. Thereís no way I can push the lawnmower through the grasses and weeds until Iíve used the trimmer to bring them down to a manageable level. Itís a big job, but if I play it smart itíll get done.

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Last season the Dodgersí outstanding defense carried them to the division title, by two games over the Giants. Over the winter the Dodgersí defense got a lot worse and the Giantsí defense got a lot better. It showed today in the season opener, when Dodger errors led directly to the two late-inning runs that gave the Giants a 4-2 win. Then in the ninth the Giants shut down the Dodgersí last hope with a pair of miraculous plays on the infield, a leaping double play throw by Omar Vizquel and a backhand stab by J.T. Snow. I donít know how the season could get off to a better start than with a win over the Dodgers, especially one that exposes a weakness that will haunt them all year.

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