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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Because my rent is due tomorrow, I thought I should go by the bank today and deposit last weekís paycheck. For some reason, Iím always a week behind when it comes to getting paid. (Well, I know the reason. Itís because Tim doesnít send me time cards for his crew until the middle of the week. If I could get them on the weekend, Iíd happily do all the payroll while watching Sunday football.)

Since the bank where I go is inside a supermarket, I always plan to do my grocery shopping at the same time I do my banking. I have no reservations about doing this on company time. Itís an arrangement I have with the Boss. He doesnít complain about my running personal errands in the morning, and I donít complain (much) about his faxing me letters to type in the evening. I think heís getting the better part of the deal (and so does he).

What I needed at the store this trip were basics, like milk and raisin bran and bananas. I bought bread and yogurt over the weekend, so I was okay there. I have stopped buying bottled water, since I found out it was un-American. Or anti-humanitarian. I still like to drink out of bottles, so I now fill my Snapple bottle up with water after I drink the diet peach ice tea. And I canít quite keep from buying SoBe Lean Green Tea, but it also comes in glass bottles, so I wonít be giving it up for political reasons.

30 September 2008

Cloud oasis.

Today I backslid a wee bit. I couldnít help picking up the peach-flavored fitness water that I like, even though it comes in plastic bottles. In my defense, peach-flavored water doesnít come out of the tap, and I donít think itís available for home delivery in five-gallon bottles, and I donít do this very often. Besides, I recycle absolutely everything possible, to the extent that I hardly ever have any actual garbage. But I do pay the price in a twinge of guilt (and the 5c deposit).

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