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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thereís a good reason that my house is so cluttered. Not only am I lazy and easily bored with such trivial matters as cleaning up the mess, but Iím also a pack rat who can never throw anything away. That wouldnít be so bad if I didnít keep accumulating more stuff.

The worst part of this condition of mine isnít the temptation to buy, but the need I have to fill in all the blanks. All I want is everything I donít have, but only in those few categories that interest me. I read book reviews and want to read all the books in the world. I read music reviews and want to own every CD ever recorded.

Itís not even just that. I need to own (or at least have access to) every song ever recorded by the performers I like. I canít settle for the greatest hits package; I must have the box set. Iím a completist. Thatís not even a word, according to my spell check, but itís what I am.

Iím better now, but in my wilder days I accumulated all the books in the Narnia series, none of which Iíve ever read. I have the complete works of George Strait, which Iíve listened to straight through exactly once. I have about fifteen years of issues of National Geographic, some in boxes and others just piled up randomly. How many articles have I read in the magazine over the years? A few. I do look at all the pictures, though, once.

Baseball fans are statistic nuts, and I have books where I can look up every major league record in the history of the game. If they put it all on a CD, I would own that.

22 September 2005

Cloud skeleton (with UFO).

Itís a good thing Iím broke, or Iíd be totally insolvent. If I had money to spend, I wouldnít have it very long. Even so, I find myself using my credit card a little too often. Iím trying to get over this problem by being aware of it. Lately Iíve been bingeing again, and I have to rein myself in before every speck of space in my vast palatial home is covered with stuff. And any leftover space is covered with empty packing boxes. Itís a curse, like frogs and locusts, except that I do it to myself.

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The Giants and Diamondbacks are playing for nothing more than pride, with three games left in the season. Pride and second place. When Giants starter Matt Cain, who turns 21 years old tomorrow, left tonightís game in the seventh inning, he had a 3-2 lead. By the time this one was over, the Diamondbacks had a 7-3 win and the Giants were probably assured of finishing in third place. Still, theyíll finish above the Dodgers, so the season canít be called a total loss.

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