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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You may wonder why itís been such a ridiculously long time since I updated. I wonder the same thing, actually. Itís sheer lethargy, I think. I keep meaning to write an entry, telling myself that it doesnít have to be anything with weight or heft. And then, for some reason, I canít get started, or I get started and get irrevocably interrupted. Iíve been working on this entry, for example, for the last three days.

Today, just by way of random example, was nearly a total washout. Last week I took my car to the Saturn dealer for its 30,000-mile service. The car is still more than 2,000 miles away from 30,000, but it will be six years old in a couple of months, so I let them have at it. And they did, to the tune of a little over $900 (paid by the Boss, because after all, if Iíve been driving the car for six years and itís gone less than 30,000 miles, itís pretty clear all my driving has been to the post office and back, with an occasional side trip to the bank).

Anyway, back to today. I was making a left turn onto the street where the post office is located and I heard the turn blinker clicking frantically at about twice the normal rate. That means the turn signal isnít working, which makes me super nervous about driving on city streets where people donít pay particular attention to other drivers even when the signal is working. A person could get clobbered.

So after I gingerly made my way home, I called the dealer and told them I was coming in. And when I got there the light was working fine, and the blinking was back down to its normal rate. And the guy looked at me as if I was crazy (which after spending $900 last week I didnít appreciate, but it was right after lunch, so Iíll give him a pass). And he told me he couldnít fix the problem because there was no way to tell what was causing it when it wasnít happening. And thatís the end of the story, until the next time it happens.

23 September 2008

Why would there be a wasp nest in the birdbath?

Now you understand, right? That was just today. Multiply that by however many days itís been, and the picture starts to fill in. Anyway, at least the weather is good, and by way of compensation for my own neglect, Iím giving you permission to visit Tammyís new blog, which is updated far more frequently than this journal. On the other hand, she leads a far more breathlessly complicated life than I do.

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