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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autumn must have sneaked in when I wasnít looking. I can tell because it rained last night, and we donít get rain in the summer around here. Not much, anyway. So, welcome to the new season (which is spring in Australia, and I know that because it was mentioned during yesterdayís broadcast of Port Adelaideís demolition of the Kangaroos in the AFL preliminary final).

The rain brought out the deer, or at least one deer, because when I opened my blinds this morning I saw a young buck (thatís what I assume from the animalís size and the length of its horns) grazing beneath the old oak. It spent at least an hour in my yard, because when I checked on it later it had moved closer to the garden. I have no problem with a deer in my garden, which is in such bad shape that strip mining would improve its appearance. A little munching by the wild ones isnít about to do it any harm.

The rain also filled the bird feeder tray. This wasnít very appealing to the birds, so I emptied it the best I could. Iíll let it dry out by itself. I really need a better feeder anyway, because this one gets jammed too often, even if I use the fine grain premium finch food. There were at least half a dozen yellow finches flitting around it yesterday, looking for places to perch while they waited their turn at the one or two openings where the food came out easily. By the noise they were making, I assume they werenít pleased with the overcrowded conditions.

It was still summer Thursday night, when Eric and I went to our one and only Giants game of this disappointing season. And the game didnít disappoint us, because it was just as disappointing as most other games the team has played this year. We appreciate the consistency with which they blow leads and lose by one or two runs. But we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, as always. We took the ferry from Larkspur to the ballpark, and the night was so warm and pleasant that the sweatshirt and heavy jacket I carried with me werenít necessary. Iím glad we didnít wait until fall to go, because (a) it isnít so nice out today, and (2) thereís only a week left before the season ends anyway.

19 September 2007

Cloud evolution.

And what else has been keeping me from writing here, you ask? Well, I spent two days last week nearly unable to walk, for one thing. Iíve been doing Denise Austinís low-impact aerobics program every morning, and Iíd somehow managed to do so much working out that for a couple of days I couldnít do anything at all. I even took a few doses of pain medication to get me through.

Iím okay now, but Iím also taking a day off from the workout every so often. I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning, and I wonít do it in the afternoon, so I canít tell you if Iím losing weight. But I can say for certain the Iím losing flab, because I now buckle my belt on a notch a little farther from the end, and itís way easier to bend over and tie my shoes these days.

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