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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is a secret that I wouldnít want our creditors to know, but the company is out of money. Thereís not enough in the checking account to pay this weekís salary. And I donít mean the salaries of all the employees. Iím talking about my own poor pittance. The company doesnít have enough to pay little old me. Thatís a problem.

Itís not a big problem, mostly because the other company (that is, The Kennel) owes the construction company a big pile oí money, and they (that is, we, meaning The Kennel) have it. Itís just a matter of making some sort of accounting to show how much to take from the one and give to the other, and if I have to work all weekend, Iíll get it done in time to pay myself by Monday.

And we (the company, that is) are owed many big piles oí money by the people we do business with, so itís not that weíre actually broke. We just donít have any money. Iím not worried. I told the Boss about it, and he told me not to worry, so Iím not worried.

But even though Iím not worried, itís still stressful. Iím getting phone calls from creditors, asking about unpaid bills. I told one caller that I couldnít promise that her check would go out on Friday, as she asked. She told me that if it didnít, Iíd hear from her again. I told her I would expect no less, but I still wouldnít promise. How can I pay her, when I canít even pay myself?

20 September 2005


To take the edge off a stressful day, I paid a quick visit to Tammy and David tonight. I played catch with Dakota, and I read with D.J. (he does about half of the actual reading, now that heís been in first grade for a whole month). Aiden has discovered that itís funny to spin around in the middle of the living room and then try to walk. And Kylie? Well, I still havenít held her, but trust me, tonight was not the time to do that for the first time. She wasnít in a happy mood, but she finally wore herself out and fell asleep. Which is what I have to do every night myself, so I can sympathize.

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It took the Padres until the bottom of the eleventh inning to score a run against Giantsí pitching tonight. The bad news for the Giants is the fact that the game was in the bottom of the eleventh. With nothing on the line, both teams played lineups that lacked star quality, made up largely of rookies and scrubs. And these rookies and scrubs played a taut, tense game that was scoreless until a leadoff bunt by first-year catcher David Ross in the eleventh led to the nightís only run and a 1-0 win by the playoff-bound Padres over the moribund Giants.

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