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Friday, September 23, 2005

Itís a whole lot easier to sit at home on Friday night and watch movies on DVD than it is to go to out to the theater and pay ten dollars to sit with a bunch of strangers who chew with their mouths open and chatter through the picture. Iím not sure Iíd go out even if it cost less and people still had manners, because itís hard to find a movie house that plays exactly what I want to see. And they almost never pause the film when I have to go to the bathroom.

So I stayed home and watched a couple of films tonight, one in Danish and the other in Spanish. Oh yeah. Thatís another thing. The art house theater that plays the movies I like is so crowded on Friday night that I canít even find a place to park. And double features? I donít think this combination is usually shown on local screens.

Anyway, that would have been a good excuse not to leave the house tonight, but I got a call from Tammy this afternoon. She needed to borrow my camera (for insurance reasons that Iím not sure I understand), so I went over and watched the game with her and David and Aiden and Kylie for a couple of hours. And yes, Aiden does know how to say ďGiants!Ē with the appropriate note of enthusiasm. (We wonít tell him how bad they were for most of this season.)

And no, Kylie isnít much interested in baseball yet, although she does have a pink and white Giants outfit that she will grow into in about a year. It was the smallest size available, and who knew she would be this tiny? Sheís very precious and beautiful, and although Iím still waiting for my turn to hold her, Iím content just to look at her. She even opened one eye and looked at me tonight. For about five seconds. Then she went back to sleep.

22 September 2005

Cloud strokes.

I donít venture out much on the weekends, but I usually respond when someone needs me. I like to be needed, because it disguises the fact that Iím the truly needy one. I need to be around people, and I need to be needed. I hardly ever say no when I have a chance to visit, especially if there are small children involved. And afterward, I hustled home and watched my movies. The best of both worlds.

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When the Giants fell six runs behind in the first three innings tonight in Denver, they didnít panic. For one thing, theyíve been playing well lately. And for another, at Coors Field no lead is too big to overcome. It took them until the eighth inning to get all the way back, but they scored five times in that frame and beat the Rockies, 7-6. Since the Padres also won, the Giants remain five games behind, but now with only nine left to play. If theyíd played this well all season (as we fully expected them to), they would have run away with the division. Now it seems theyíre likely to run out of time, but at least theyíre not quitting until they do.

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