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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Say what you want about the vile effects of television, and how it has a pernicious effect on family life, and what an insidious influence it is on society. Go ahead, say it. But sometimes it brings families together.

You see, the thing is, if it weren't for Survivor tonight, I wouldn't have had an excuse to invite myself over to Tammy and David's house to see them and the kids. Oh, I left them an out. I didn't have to come over, I told them. I could stay home and watch it all alone by myself without anybody to talk to. But they generously extended the invitation.

Everybody seemed glad to see me. D.J. corralled me for a dinosaur game that (as usual) involved a lot of running. Dakota gave me a big howdy and a big smile. And Aiden giggled and talked to me for a good ten minutes straight. I even managed some decent conversation with the adults in the house. I had a good night.

14 September 2004

My shadow looks a little like Frankenstein's monster.

No pictures, though. Sorry. I took my camera and left it in the case. I was having too much fun to interrupt it by flashing lights in the baby's face or trying to get the two older boys to stand still. It just didn't seem necessary. I'll try a little harder next time.

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It took until the last inning of the last game of this three-game series for the Astros to get going, but in the end it cost the Giants dearly. The Giants had the game in hand, leading from the start until the top of the ninth before a bullpen failure (and a three-run homer by Lance Berkman) gave the Astros a 7-3 win. With the loss, the Giants must sweep the Dodgers this weekend to take over first place. That's a daunting prospect.

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