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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Itís not really winter yet, in the strictest sense of the word. Really, ďwinterĒ isnít all that fuzzy a concept, but today I felt winter hovering over me like a threat. And thatís without ever stepping outside, except to put one foot on the porch and gauge how wintry it actually was. Pretty wintry, as it turned out, for the North Bay in late October. The breeze snapped like winter, and the sky certainly had the look of it.

Even with the disjointed sleep pattern that the end of daylight savings time brings, I found a burst of energy in the middle of the afternoon. Where it came from I have no idea, because I slept badly (and briefly) last night and woke up way too early this morning. Somehow I managed to finish all of the quarterly taxes that I hadnít done earlier, so I can head into Monday morning with a clear conscience and a much-shortened to-do list.

When all of the Sunday sports Iíd been using to keep me occupied ended (at least, the ones I was interested enough in to sit and watch), it was only 4:30 pm. I sat in the recliner and opened the novel Iíve been reading, but I couldnít see the pages very well. I moved to the bedroom and sat on the floor in front of the westward-facing window, so I could let the last rays of sunlight help me get through a few chapters. But it didnít get any later than 5:00 before I couldnít see well enough to keep reading.

28 October 2006

Fiery sunset.

Iíll get used to the time change, but the shorter days donít really agree with me. Yes, Iím a night person, but that doesnít mean I want night to be endless and everlasting. I donít want night to start at five oíclock in the afternoon. The extra daylight in the morning does me no good at all, since thatís the only time I can sleep. Something tells me Iíll be taking some midday naps for the next week or two, though. Thatís what I do in the winter, to get myself through it.

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The Sharks did what they do best today in Tampa, taking advantage of power play opportunities and forcing the action. Two power play goals and an empty-netter helped the Sharks to a 4-2 win over the Lightning. These road victories are important, because they are in the most competitive division in the NHL, and two consecutive road losses had dropped them into third place. And the best news might be that Joe Thornton finally got his first goal of the season. Thornton, who was the league scoring champion last season, is known for his passing, but a few more goals of his own can only make the team better.

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